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Sweaty Triggers are a game changer for 1st and 3rd person shooter games. The Sweaty Trigger modification changes the trigger actuation from a full trigger pull to a trigger click, identical to that of a computer mouse click. Every millisecond counts in PVP shooters. Reduce your trigger latency with the Sweaty Trigger mod and sweat with the best of them!

There are a few options when if comes to Sweaty Triggers.

1. Choosing which triggers you want to modify. You can choose to have the the right trigger only, left trigger only or both triggers.

2. There are two options for the Sweaty Trigger button firmness. Light and Firm. Both options include a switch with over 5 million click lifespans.

3. There are also two options for switch placement under trigger. The switch can be placed directly under the trigger so that the slightest trigger pull activates the switch. I refer to this option as "instant". The other option is to have the trigger activate the switch at a 50% trigger pull. This may be the preferable option for those with smaller hands and would like some room to play with in the trigger(s).