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Sweaty Customs can help you get that busted $180 Xbox Elite Series 1 or 2 Controller working like new again. This is a mail-in service that will require you to mail us your controller. This repair covers the following items: 

  1. Joystick repair or replacement - joystick drift in either or both joysticks. Loose joysticks. Non-operable joystick buttons.
  2. Stuck or non-responsive buttons. Replacement of rubber pad under ABXY buttons if needed. Replacement of Right Bumper (RB) and/or Left Bumper (LB) tactile buttons.
  3. Replacement of Bumper Mechanism if needed.
  4. Thorough cleaning of controller, inside and out with rubbing alcohol

Broken parts not referenced above can be repeated for an additional fee to be determined upon evaluation in the controller.