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Xbox One S & Xbox Series X|S $35 Controller Repair

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Sweaty Customs can help you get that old, discarded Xbox One S Controller working like new again. This is a mail-in service that will require you to mail us your controller. This repair covers the following items: 

  1. Joystick repair or replacement - joystick drift in either or both joysticks. Loose joysticks. Non-operable joystick buttons. 
  2. Replacement of stock thumbsticks.
  3. Stuck or non-responsive buttons. Replacement of rubber pad under ABXY buttons if needed. Replacement of Right Bumper (RB) and/or Left Bumper (LB) tactile buttons,
  4. Non-operable triggers (in the case of the trigger magnet becoming displaced from the trigger housing), 
  5. Repair or Replacement of the micro-usb charging port if needed.
  6. Audio Jack - replacement or repair if needed. 
  7. Thorough cleaning of controller, inside and out with rubbing alcohol

There will be an extra $25 fee for repairs to Custom Controllers in need of repair. This is due to the added work needed to uninstall mod chips and wires where needed.