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PS4 Programmable Remap Chip

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This programmable remap chip foe the PS4 DualShock Controller (compatible with newer generation PS4 slim controllers with lightbar in the touchpad) allows for programming of the buttons installed on the rear of the controller to map to any controller button, trigger, Dpad direction and even the touchpad click. For added convenience, you can set or change the mapping of each button in just a few seconds.

Additionally, this mod allows you to assign multiple controller buttons to one rear button. This allows you to, for example, Map R2 and X to one rear button. When pressing the remap button the mod will press both controller buttons at the same time. This mod also allows for setting the remap buttons turbo with several different speed options.

Be prepared to take on the sweatiest of adversaries with the PS4 programmable remap chip!

Please be sure you are selecting the correct mod version mod for your controller.

 This mod is for controllers WITH the Lightbar in the touchpad (Circuit board versions: JDM-040 to JDM-055)