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PS4/PS5 Controller Repair

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Ps4/PS5 Controller Repair - Mail-In Service

PLEASE NOTE - Buyer pays for shipping BOTH WAYS

There will be an extra $25 fee for repairs to Custom Controllers in need of repair. This is due to the added work needed to uninstall mod chips and wires where needed.

Ps4/PS5 Controller repair includes the following:

1. Joystick Repair - stick drift, loose or wobbly joysticks, inoperable joystick button.

2. Replacement of worn out thumbsticks.

3. Sticking or non working buttons, triggers, bumpers.

The repair service does not cover repairs incurred from physical or liquid damage. Repair service also does not cover damage to controller or circuit board from previous attempts at repair. 

This is a mail in service. Customer packages and pays for shipping of controller. The repair fee includes cost to ship the controller back to you. Repair time ranges from 5-15 business days from the date the controller is picked up from the post office. Please message us if you have any questions about issues covered in this repair service.

Mail controller to:

Sweaty Customs

PO Box 611

Santa Paula, Ca 93061