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PS5 Dualsense Sweaty Trigger & Bumper Mod

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  • The PS5 DualSense Sweaty Bumper and Trigger mod modifies the trigger and bumper buttons to remove all but 2mm of travel. With just a short pull you will have a 100% trigger press. This mod is perfect for 1st and 3rd person shooter games where you want quick accurate firing with no latency.

    This mod uses mouse buttons, more specifically, snap action buttons with a very defined click and feel just like a computer mouse. These are by far the best option for smart trigger/bumper mods as they provide an ideal audible sound and tactile feel when pressed. Our mouse click mods use top of the line Omron buttons requiring only 60 grams of force to actuate for the trigger (R2,L2) and 122 grams of force to actuate the bumpers (R1,L1).

  •  You’ve tried the rest, it’s time to sweat with the best, with Sweaty Customs!