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Playstation 4 DualShock Controller Tactile Dpad/Action Buttons/Trigger/Bumper Buttons Clicky Kit

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      • The Extremerate WHOLE TACTILE Clicky Kit for PS4 is an evolutionary custom kit that advanced gaming functionality to your existing controller.
      • With it, your buttons will react faster and more accurately to gain a huge advantage in the game.
      • Whole Clicky Tactile kit can greatly improve the function of these shoulder Dpad action buttons for PS4 controller.
      • These accessories help you fire faster and save valuable time during fast FPS or shooter games.
      • Just press down 0.6mm, the function of L1 R1 can be triggered, save 1 times the distance.
      • The distance of R2 L2 can be shortened by 1 times, you can shoot by gently down 3mm.



      • Touch switches are added to the kit, which can provide an excellent button touch, no longer the soft and weak sound before.
      • These buttons react more flexibly and accurately and are not easy to stick.
      • The button resilience is improved to feel like the mouse click, so you won’t feel tired even after playing for a long time.