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Analog Stick Drift Fix

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The product pricing is for one (1) analog stick drift PCB for one joystick.

The Analog Stick Drift fix is a Flex PCB that will allow you to fix your failing analog sticks that are drifting from over use and general wear from game play and bring them back to like new performance (as long as the original Potentiometers are not damaged) extending the life of your controllers.

The Stick Drift Fix PCB is installed over the joystick pins on your Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, PS4 or PS5 controller. I strongly recommend having this installed with any joystick replacement such as with the Extreme Tension Joystick or Elite Series 2 Pro Kit that I offer. This will greatly extend the effectiveness of the joystick's potentiometer performance and give you the ability to correct stick drift when it eventually becomes an issue with your controller.