About Us

Sweaty Customs is a small business in the heart of Ventura County that was started as a result of a love for taking electronic devices apart, learning how they work and in the case of Sweaty Customs, repairing and customizing these devices to perform the way competitive gamers need them to. Sweaty Customs has refined their repair and modifying skills over several generations of game consoles. We currently specialize in repairing and modifying Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X generation of controllers and will be offering Playstation controller and customization very soon. We know your controller is your main tool to play your favorite games and our goal is to help you refine this tool to help you reach your full potential. Don't wait 3-4 months for a larger company to complete your custom controller when you can get one from Sweaty Custom in a fraction of that time.

If you have questions about our products or about a product your purchased from us, you can reach us at SweatyCustoms@gmail.com or at (805) 727-3770.