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Playstation Controller Mail-In Upgrade, Repair

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Want to get a Sweaty Custom Controller but don't want to purchase another controller. Mail us your controller, pick the mods you want and let us do the rest.

Send in your Playstation 4 DualShock Controller: Currently only working on V2 - Gen 4,5 - model # CUH-ZCT2 - grey buttons, light bar visible through touchpad.

or your Playstation 5 DualSense Controller:

Then select your upgrades!

Remap Chip

Rear Buttons

Controller Trigger & Bumper Mod

Increased Tension Joysticks

Thumbstick Kits

Clicky Face Buttons and more!


Sweaty Custom repair service covers stick drift, joystick button, face buttons, triggers, and bumpers. Contact me if you are in need of repair of something not covered on this list. Please disclose if the controller has been worked on or not and if controller has been damaged in any way as a result of this work. 

If you are in need of repair to a custom controller, I do charge an additional fee of $25 on top of the standard $35 repair fee. This is because there is significantly more work that is needed to uninstall and reinstall mods to perform repairs in custom controllers. I do not repair damage from liquid sources.  Please reach out to me first via the chat box to discuss the repair prior to placing the order.

Repair applies to PS4 DualShock Controller and PS5 Dual Sense controllers. Eligible Repairs include:
1. Stick Drift
2. Broken joystick(s)
2. Sticky Buttons
3. Inoperable buttons
4. Thumbstick replacement

For repairs to Custom Controllers, customer must choose the Custom Controller Repair option.

Also, please note that customer will need to box their own controller(s) and ship the controller(s) to Sweaty Customs at their own expense:

Sweaty Customs

PO Box 611

Santa Paula, CA 93061