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Start your Sweaty Custom build with a NEW Xbox One S controller.

Sweaty Custom Modifications available to add to this Controller: 

Remap Boards -  Sweaty Customs offers two different remap boards. The Tournament Ready remap board does not connect to the triggers or allow for any rapid fire type settings. The Tournament Ready Remap Board is installed on the controllers' Circuit Board and allows for the programming and reprogramming of 12 buttons (ABXY, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Right Bumper, Left Bumper, Right Joystick Button, Left Joystick Button) to up to 4 buttons installed on back of the controller.

Tournament Ready Remap Board:


The Rapid Fire Remap Board does everything that the Tournament Ready board does but also allows for the following:

1.  Remapping of triggers to the buttons installed on the rear of the controller.

2. Includes a rapid fire setting that can be applied to the buttons installed on the rear of the controller. 

3. Two buttons can be programmed to one remap button. for example, A and B buttons can be programmed to on rear button. 

Rapid Fire Remap Board:


Rear Buttons - Rear buttons installed into the rear cover shell add an ergonomic and enhanced level of control to your gaming. Every time you take your thumbs off your joystick is a moment where you cannot make a last millisecond adjustment to come out on top. Rear buttons allow you the ability to access your most utilized face buttons (up, down. left, right, ABXY) and help you keep your thumbs where they need to be!


Sweaty Triggers and Sweaty Bumpers- Sweaty Triggers and Sweaty Bumpers are a game changer for 1st and 3rd person shooter games. The Sweaty Trigger modification changes the trigger actuation from a full trigger pull to a trigger click, identical to that of a computer mouse click. The Sweaty Bumper modification replaces the stock bumper switch with a switch that activates like the click of a mouse. Every millisecond counts in PVP shooters. Reduce your trigger and bumper latency with the Sweaty Trigger and Sweaty Bumper mods and sweat with the best of them!


Thumbsticks - Thumbsticks make a huge difference in game performance. Mostly for reasons related to comfort but there are other subtleties that impact your gameplay such as thumbstick tension. The Sweaty Customs Elite Series 2 Pro Kit touches all of these bases. This kit includes joysticks, bases and thumbsticks from the Xbox Elite Series 2  controller, giving you the ability to adjust the thumbstick tension to three different settings, the higher tension settings allow you to use taller thumbsticks to increase your precision and range of motion. This kit also includes 6 magnetically swappable thumbsticks of various shapes and heights. If you want the the magnetic thumbsticks and bases but do not need the adjustable thumbstick tension, we also offer the Sweaty Customs Elite Series 2 Lite Kit.


The third thumbstick kit that I offer is the best of both Xbox and Playstation worlds! This kit includes both Xbox and Playstation style thumbsticks in various heights. Each of these thumbstick heads are swappable so you can play with Playstation heads on one side and Xbox heads on the other. Also, these thumbstick heads are compatible with your favorite Kontrol Freekz as well! This kit comes with 6 Playstation style heads and 6 Xbox style heads.