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PlayStation 4 DualShock Custom Controller

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Your Sweaty Custom Controller begins with a brand new, genuine Sony Playstation 4 DualShock Controller.

Keep control of your game with this DualShock 4 wireless controller for the PlayStation 4. The share button lets you stream live game play or upload stills to social media websites without interrupting the game, and the built-in speaker has an audio jack, providing multiple listening options. Recharge this DualShock 4 wireless controller directly from the PS4.

Mods available for the Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 controller:

Programmable Remap Board 

This programmable remap board allows for the programming of the buttons installed on the rear shell of the controller to be programmed to any controller button, bumper, trigger, D-pad direction and even the touchpad click.  Once installed you can set or change the mapping of each button in just a few seconds. The programmable remap board mod also allows you to assign multiple controller buttons to one rear remap button. This allows you to, for example, Map R2 and X to one remap button. When pressing the remap button the mod will press both controller buttons at the same time. This remap board also allows for setting the remap buttons to rapid fire with 4 different speed options.


eXtremeRate Whole Tactile Clicky Kit 

This kit replaces the stock rubber pads under the dpad, triangle, circle, square, X buttons, bumpers and trigger with tactile switches that activate with a sharp and responsive click. This kit gives you digital triggers and digital face buttons, all in one kit. Highly recommended for players of first/third person shooter games, fighting games, rpgs and so on.  


Sweaty (digital) Triggers/Bumpers

The Sweaty Trigger/Bumper mod replaces the stock rubber pad under the bumpers and triggers with tactile switches that activate with a sharp and responsive click, greatly reducing latency and improving response time in first and third person shooter games. 


Rear Buttons 

Rear buttons, when installed with a programmable remap board, allow you to access any of the controller buttons (d-pad; X, O, triangle, square; bumpers, and triggers) from an ergonomic position on the back shell of your controller. This allows you to be able to leave your thumbs on the thumbsticks where they belong. Not having to remove your thumbs to activate the d-pad or the other face buttons allows you to remain in control of your movement and aiming at all times. The remap board allows for the installation of up to 4 rear programmable buttons. two installed in what I call the "Primary Position" and two in a lower, "Secondary Position".


Joystick Tension Mods

Need more tension in your joysticks? Replace your stock joysticks which has 65 g/f tension with a new joystick with "Increased" tension (100 g/f) or “Extreme” tension (160 g/f)! Embrace the sweat!


14-in1 Thumbstick kit

The 14 in 1 Thumbstick kit that both Xbox and Playstation style thumbsticks in various heights. Each of these thumbstick heads are swappable so you can play with Playstation heads on one side and Xbox heads on the other. Also, these thumbstick heads are compatible with your favorite Kontrol Freekz as well! This kit comes with 6 Playstation style heads and 6 Xbox style heads, and also come in 7 colors including Black, White, Transparent, Red, Blue, Lime Green, Yellow and Orange.